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The most popular of MBC Food Machinery's equipment is the Model #3-100 Ravioli Machine. This innovative machine produces any style of the highest quality ravioli, quickly and efficiently. 

The Model #3-100 can be ordered in many different configurations depending on your production needs. MBC also manufactures the #3-100HD Ravioli Machine that produces two times the capacity of the standard #3-100 Ravioli Machine. Whether you bag, box, can, freeze or pre-cook ravioli, the MBC Model #3-100 is the machine for you. 



Ravioli Machine

Model 3-100
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Equipment Listing

Below is the current equipment listing

All specifications and requirements are for MBC's standard equipment; special order equipment and specifications are available upon request. MBC provides services to design and manufacture special features to meet each client's requirements. As part of MBC Food Machinery Corp's commitment to continue product improvement, we reserve the right to change or improve specifications without notice. 


Please contact us for current pricing on all equipment. Machinery pricing varies depending on production output capabilities, and optional features that may be required.

The MBC 24-column Cavatelli Machine can produce up to 1,500 pounds of cavatelli per hour. This machine can be outfitted with an exit chute or variable speed discharge conveyor, depending on your final packaging needs.

Cavatelli Machine

Model 4-5300
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Pasta Cooking and Cooling System

Model PC-5000

The Pasta Cooking and Cooling System is designed for the pre-cooking and cooling of ravioli, shells, lasagna strips, tortellini and cavatelli. This two-tank system uses a series of belts to move the product continuously in a very controlled manner, resulting in a more consistently cooked product. This equipment can be configured with either steam or a gas-fired immersion tube heating system.

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This fully automated production line consists of:

-- A pasta dough sheeter, which produces a continuous ribbon of pasta at a specified number of feet per minute

-- A cooking tank, which can be ordered in the single-pass or multi-pass configuration

-- A cooling tank

-- A processing machine, which produces a filled (manicotti) or rolled (cannelloni) product ready for packaging

For sanitizing, the hood and transfer belt system can be easily raised by the automatic lift system on the cooking and cooling tanks.

The above outlined equipment can be purchased together as a production line or individually. Pre-cooked pasta sheets and processed lasagna can also be made with this machinery. Standard equipment can produce up to 24,000 manicotti/cannelloni per hour.

Pasta Maniccotti/ Cannelloni Production Line

Model PD-6000
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Stuffed Shell Fillers

Model 12-700

One of the few manual production jobs in the pasta industry is the filling of stuffed shells. MBC Food Machinery Corp. offers shell fillers that can be configured for a customer's unique production needs. Mounted on a stainless steel conveyor or individual workstations are MBC gear pumps that provide an intermittent supply of cheese or other fillings to employees filling shells. The weight, deposit cycle speed and conveyor speed are fully adjustable. For ready-to-stuff cooked shells, we recommend the MBC Pasta Cooking and Cooling System.

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For Crepe Dough Manicotti/Cannelloni, MBC Food Machinery Corp. also offers a crepe-type dough production line. While similar to the pasta dough production line, the major difference is the radiant rotary drum cooker. The design of this machine enables the production of dough ribbons without the use of a dough sheeter and a hot water cooking tank. 

Completing the production line is the Manicotti/Cannelloni Processing Machine. This machine can produce up to 6,000 manicotti per hour.

Crepe Manicotti/Cannelloni Production Line

Model CD-3000
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Positive Displacement Gear Pumps

An integral part of some of our equipment has long been the MBC Positive Displacement Rotary Pump. With over 500 applications currently in use, this multiconfigurable pumping system has been the choice for weight accurate spot depositiving and continuous flow operation for medium to heavy viscosity and semi-particulate food products. Some of the pumps available include 1 column--1 chamber, 6 column--2 chamber, and 2 column-- 2 chamber options.

MBC Food Machinery Corp. stocks a complete inventory of standard rotary pumps and parts. We can also design and manufacture a complete custom pumping system for almost any application that a customer would need. 

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Vertical Filler for Coffee Line

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